The Weylin Story (Chapter 4)

Little Weylin, denying such a mystic theory, or even the more realistic assumption that the boat had sunk -for Louis was a very experienced sailor- spent hours, days and even months sitting at a harbor bench, praying for his old man to come back. Nevertheless, the day came when there was no choice but accepting the sad truth.

Before the ocean tragedy, like most only children, Weylin found his hours at home very very long and at times a little boring. At first, as he loved drawing and writing stories, he would sit down and spend those long hours in a tunnel of inspiration, totally disconnected from the outside world. But at one point he started to get bored again, so he took to the street markets to find his way around, meeting all sorts of interesting and inspiring characters. This served him as a preparation for his sudden fatherless child reality, because he was then really forced to hit the streets and help his mother make a living for both.

Mrs. Seymour was a very talented hostess and a gifted chef. She loved having people at home. The Seymour residence was well known in town as a magical place where parties were incredibly gorgeous, with good food, good beverages, a fire place, cozy decoration, inspiring candle lighting, singing,  music and dancing.

(To be continued).