Transcendence Through Elegance

There is no other way to transcend if your art isn’t elegant, period. Elegance not only means fine, subtle and good looking; elegant can be tormented and sumptuous simultaneously. There isn’t such combination as chaos wrapped in a uniquely beautiful packaging as are the stories told by the ancestral and traditional Japanese art.

The quality of the content is directly related to elegance as well, be it surreal or political. The magic is how it’s told. Sometimes it is ridiculously chaotic and romantic while the color palettes are just beyond any kind of western sensibility and the techniques are fantastically hidden; sometimes you may think it’s watercolor until you read it’s a woodprint.

If you want to attend a lesson on transcendence and elegance you can’t miss the incredible exhibition about The Tale of Genji, the classic Japanese book by Lady Murasaki Shikibu at The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, where you will witness centuries of the most elegant art in all possible disciplines and styles. The traditional Japanese art tells the magic of not only respecting the original natural space where there was nothing before it was done, a space filled with harmony, but it also shows how that harmony not only doesn’t get invaded by the art itself but actually enhanced by it.

For more information check the MET’s website.

Enjoy and get inspired!!!