Speed Rack visited Weylin!

The service industry can sometime be thought of as a man’s world. With Speed Rack, which they founded in February of 2011, Mix and Marrero have been able to shine a spotlight on female mixologists thriving behind bars around the country; and while they are at it, raise money for breast cancer research, education, and prevention.

The two got Speed Rack off the ground after Mix brought her concept of an all-female speed bartending competition to Marrero, the president of the NY chapter of LUPEC (Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails – an organization that promotes women in the spirit industry while raising funds for local and national charities.). The idea was to create a cocktail competition for the ladies -one that celebrated women, was created by women and supported women; in and out of the spirits industry. In their first year, Speed Rack met over 200 bartenders across the country and raised over $69,000.

For more information check www.speed-rack.com

Cheers to all!!!