A Secret Passage to a Unique View

Sometimes we wonder why certain situations make us say “I feel like a kid again”. We might refer to those moments when we find ourselves exploring some new place, or just doing something that makes us feel we’re having so much fun with so little. And we may think, why? Why is it that we lost that capability, and when?

But still, even though we seem to have lost touch with our youth and its child-like sense of wonder, when we get a chance to discover it again, that feeling is so rewarding. It is a poignant reminder that we must not get totally disconnected from the simple wonders of discovering life and its surprises. This is exactly what happens when entering the secret passage to Weylin’s dome, and climbing the spiral stairs up to the top, right beneath the weather vane.

The 360º view of New York City from such a unique vantage point is wonderful – it takes you to a personal state of reflection. Standing within the cultural environment of the city as never before, and yet distanced in such a way that makes you meditative, you can discover some simple answer to life’s biggest questions.

Keep enjoying life and never lose touch, you will see that magic will spread around so much.


The Weylin Team.