Reasons To Be Cheerful

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Even though it seems mostly everyone is being tackled by how fast the world is going round; there still are some organizations created by people who are even faster at the time of thinking and doing.

One of these exemplary characters is David Byrne. He as always been ahead of his time with his music and art, always so full of concept and message. This time we’re not talking about his visual or musical art, but the art of communicating to people how many things there are in this fast world that is making it not worse, but better! Yes, all those bad new are all over but there is also some good ones.

The Reasons To Be Cheerful project shows us how much we can do as a community anywhere in the world. New York City is of course the organization’s birthplace and you can check out when and how to enroll and be a part of it.

Please visit to learn more about this wonderful organization and group of people, plus David’s RTBC presentations agenda around the world.

Thank you and Cheers!!!