Penn Station: Nothing is Permanent, not even The Garden…

Once again, and while we are here witnessing, it seems it’s history making time for New York City’s urbanism. One of those magnanimous projects that make you think how, when and why.

The original version of Penn Station was a magnificent and beautiful piece of architecture that simplified the lives of thousands of commuters on a daily basis. It was first opened in 1910, just three years before Grand Central. During the 1960’s the station was destroyed and re-designed, a project famous for being a huge act of public vandalism. The reality is that the 650,000 daily commuters the station hosts are way too uncomfortably over populating the platforms and getting lost in a dark, unsafe and unhealthy maze. 


The new city plan is big and it will take time, but it will need a smaller investment than other projects such as the World Trade Center’s path and the new work being done at Hudson Yards; plus it will reshape the city’s transportation in a vastly more productive and effective way. 

The cost, besides the actual investments? Our good old temple will have to move a few feet away! Yes, The Garden Of Eden, The Garden of Earthly Delights, The Electric Church, whatever you want to call it, will have to move. Madison Square Garden would be recycled in order to achieve an immense and sunlit station. It’s really one good reason to ask such a historic venue to move. 

Sad new for the Rock and Roll history but the show must go on…Good news for the people.