New York – Buenos Aires Bound

Back in the beginning of the 20th Century, a few decades after the Industrial Revolution took place, the world kept on “preparing for the future”. Two major and over the top train terminals were being built: Grand Central in New York City and Estación Retiro-Mitre in Buenos Aires. These two cities relate to each other in many aspects, being the train terminals one of them. 

The United States and Argentina are countries based on several different waves of immigration; generally after critical times in Europe like revolutionary and post war. Northern Europe migrated to The US while Southern Europe to Argentina for obvious cultural and linguistic reasons. At that time, the train was everything; uniting towns and receiving countless individuals and families for the first time. The terminals at the big cities were a main piece of architecture, filled with lots of details and communication concepts. They were meticulously designed for the service to the people. Grand Central is full of secrets all around, apart from its famous Whispering Gallery, the huge constellation ceiling having been drawn upside down as if you were looking at the stars from above them, or a secret door on the 6 hour in the clock on top of the main entrance.


Estación Retiro-Mitre was opened to the public in 1915, only three years later than Grand Central. This amazing piece of English architecture was restored and reopened in 2017. Both of them have had a tremendous amount of preservation work and maintain as much original details and functional devices as possible, such as clocks and lighting fixtures. Retiro-Mitre still opens its historical bar and restaurant, which just like the Oyster Bar is not only attended by train passengers but also by regular citizens who work in the area.

Imagine a hundred years ago, coming from rough times when there was no digital communication, having lost everything, even family of course; arriving to these amazing cities that welcomed you with so much magic and hope. You were arriving to the Americas. These Northern and Southern metropolis have been the cradle to so many stories and talent. We are glad that both are very well taken care of by their own cities; and of course hope to welcome a million more unforgettable human, and romantic stories of life.