Leonard Cohen: A Lazy Bastard Living in a Suit

That’s what Leonard Cohen called himself on the autobiographical song-poem Going Home from the Old Ideas album. Of course one would immediately disagree with that tag on such a prolific and generous artist; but the constant sense of debt is one characteristic from “non-stopping artists” who seem to struggle down their intricate path through an endless search of expression. Standing at one of those invisible corners, he dared to call himself a lazy bastard.

Someone asked David Bowie if he ever imagined having such a career as he did have, to which he answered that imagining and getting lost in that kind of thought is the worst mistake an artist can do; and that you only have to concentrate in your craft and work hard on it. One day you will wake up and find out you already have a career. This is what Leo was doing all the time, and he even dared to doubt about the results.

If you want to enjoy a beautiful day surrounded by poetry, music, respect, history and the presence of a deep soul’s energy, please visit the exhibition about him at The Jewish Museum where 14 artists and 18 musicians from around the world pay tribute to the master, his poetry, music and his unforgettable bittersweet voice.

Cheers to Leo, and thank you!!!