Even Chuck and Axe get along in Weylin!

When the scene starts in  Season 1, Episode 8 of Billions, you could think you’re entering The Rolling Stones Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus movie, filmed in 1969 with John Lennon and Taj Mahal, among many other artists; but where you’re actually walking in is an amazing Big Apple Circus all set in Weylin, under the unique presence of our historic main rotunda.

There, you can watch not less than a quite friendly meeting between Chuck Rhoades and Bobby Axelrod! Chuck brings his son to the circus where there are clowns and jugglers, and the kid gets excited when he sees former baseball player Mark Teixeira. He asks his dad to go and say hi to him; but much to dad’s surprise, guess who the champ is having a nice conversation with! Yes, Bobby Axelrod! Leaving women and kids behind their ongoing troubles and fights, they have one second of peace and agreement!

In Weylin there’s no time for trouble, both in fiction and -even- in reality!

Cheers to all!

The Weylin team.