I Don’t Love New York

New York…Have you ever imagined not loving to bite The Apple?

During the 1970’s our glorious city turned from famous to infamous due to the wild crime scene happening. A jungle like this one may go out of control at certain chapters of its own story, and it’s even understandable if we judge it by the human behavior and its “dark side”; but it also depends on Governments and how they take care of their societies of course. The social and political balance is a deep and complex subject.

New York City got really famous for its danger and wilderness. You could hear it in songs, read it on books, hear the news and get mugged or killed. In 1975 the iconic Graphic Designer Milton Glaser was commissioned to design a logo for New York as part of a re-positioning campaign for the city to clean its crazy image and attract more tourism. The result was the I LOVE NEW YORK logo. This campaign was an eclectic process that lasted several years and it was a combination of many different factors from politics, education, social change and business. Today New York is one of the safest cities in the world.

To illustrate and compare the different stages of the city, visit this beautiful photographic survey published by The New York Times where you can enjoy a trip to the classic urban grittiness.

The title of this post is not true, obviously.