Beauty: Sagmeister & Walsh

Some people say there is a fine line between art and design. Sometimes the so called “fine line” means you can barely see it and that those two fields are almost the same. In this case, it is true that the line is there but it’s not that fine. Everything is communication in its own beauty: art, design, music, the way you dress, the way you talk and walk, etc.

The famous difference between art and design is that design must work specifically, and art not necessarily. You can have a beautifully designed oblique glass of champagne but if it falls when you pour the champagne in it, you have a beautiful piece of art and not a piece of design as it just does not work. Same in all design fields: clothing, graphic, interior, etc. This doesn’t mean that the design piece cannot be “artistic”, as it may include art concepts and elements involved in the design process.

Stefan Sagmeister has stretched the boundaries of the Graphic Design Career. He took that line further into the art field, almost invading it with design; making the design field bigger and even more artistic, taking from the art side but still being design.

In collaboration with his partner Jessica Walsh they worked on a research, a survey and history of simply the concept of “Beauty”. Talking of fine lines, if there are any, anywhere, it could be on each and everyone’s perception of “something beautiful”. This is a book about that, a book about fine lines? Possibly. But also on how beauty impacts and influences people.

Enjoy its beauty and all of it around you!