Artisans go Artists in 1875

Along the line of thought about the differences between art and design, careers led by artists and designers; we shouldn’t forget those who actually played a “glue role” of getting both closer: The 19th Century artisans. It was the year Weylin’s doors were opened as The Williamsburgh Savings Bank, when artisans officially started being referred to as artists. The Term “Arts Décoratifs” had been invented in 1875 giving the designers of furniture, textiles and other decoration artisans official status. Artistans were probably both artists and designers as they worked on all types of material within the decorative arts scene of that period of time. From a Victorian trend to the minimalist elegance of Functionalism and Art Deco. The so called “design objects” were being produced by them.

Even though there is a clear line between the different functions art and design might achieve, we couldn’t say there is a difference between the artists of the time and the artisans. At Weylin we are so proud to host a showcase of this fact, and a piece of history where so many artists, artisans and designers of the late 19th Century have done their magic work with so much passion and work.

The Weylin Team.