Andy Warhol: Growing Down in a Small Town

As mentioned on The Irish Man post, there are some artists who are geniuses in observing and depicting their own culture in a way so critically objective you kind of can’t believe a local one is doing it. Then, you have the outsider’s point of view, the immigrant artist; and it’s fascinating to put these together and see how they connect with one another.

See Edward Hopper’s America, and then see Warhol’s one.


There aren’t many chances of seeing such big retrospectives as the current Warhol’s at the Whitney, and you can’t miss it as it closes on March 31st!

Some call him Mr. Paradox. He quite invented the Art Business. Why did it work for him besides him being a natural born workaholic? Because it was all based on a concept, talent and beauty. Concept is a technical term, talent is an ambivalent term and beauty is a very relative one. He had a rocket formula to achieve what he has achieved.

He grew up in a small town although he used to say in a small town you only grow down. (listen to “Small Town” from the Songs for Drella album by Lou Reed and John Cale).


Thank you Andy.


Image by Federico Rozo