Weddings At Weylin B. Seymour’s: Nicole and Matthew on Inside Weddings

Images of a wedding are always inspiring and affecting. Each detail – the colors of the lighting, the elements in the altar or chuppah, the font on the placecards – serves to tell a larger story, one that is sometimes only known to the couple and a few family members. That’s why we were honored to be featured in the Inside Weddings story about all of the stylistic choices at one of the more stylish and visually stunning weddings at Weylin B. Seymour’s: The wedding of Nicole and Matthew.

First of all, a feature for our space on Inside Weddings was an absolute honor. The images and words used to illustrate this amazing day are all breathtaking and worth a deeper look.

Secondly (and to continue our earlier point) the images of this wedding and reception are strong enough to stand on their own. No explanation needed, but this feature only enhances the images by Heather Waraksa by telling more of the story: Like the faux butterflies sprinkled throughout the ceremony to signify resurrection – a tribute to the bride’s late father. Or the tallit and kiddush cup that belonged to the groom’s father.

It’s these personal touches, that Bellafare helped bring to life, that add significance to the ceremony, deepening Nicole and Matthew’s story so far and making it all the more beautiful.

In short, we’re honored their story took them through these doors, and we thank Inside Weddings for telling the tale that led them here.