Wedding Trend: Seating Signs

It’s a familiar problem at weddings: So many guests crowd around the escort card table that it can be hard for everyone to find their names. That’s why we love the new trend of displaying Seating Signs! Rather than searching for a little tent card, your guests can find their name on the wall or behind the bar, as seen at two recent Weylin B. Seymour’s weddings.

The effect is akin to your guest ‘seeing their name in lights’ or seeing their name and table number as a piece of art in the gallery that is your day.

The signs will of course be well-lit, making it easy to read in a low light or candlelit setting. And the font should be a single color that contrasts with the background, much like your wedding invitations. This easy-ID display also helps any elderly or sight impaired guests find their place. After all, not everyone brings their reading glasses to a wedding!

Seating Signs are a great new wedding trend that we hope to see more of. Plus, they’re not only functional, they also offer a great place to bring color into the room with a big swath of your chosen wedding hues.