Wedding Trend: Nature-Inspired Seating Cards

Who says you can’t have a nature-inspired wedding when you’re getting married in a formal ballroom, much less in a city-setting?

It’s such a wonderful dichotomy of materials when your tiled, stone or mosaic-filled wedding setting is accented by lots of lush florals and greenery, right down to the tiniest of green touches like these wedding escort ‘cards’ made from shiny green leaves bearing your guests’ names and table numbers in lovely writing.

When I first saw these photos from a recent Weylin B. Seymour’s wedding, I marveled at how beautifully they made every other natural element in the venue stand out, from guest table centerpieces to the bouquets carried by the bride and bridesmaids. Whenever you can take the tiniest green details from your larger, more dramatic bouquets and work them into smaller details like escort cards, it brings a little bit of garden magic into your ballroom wedding setting.