Wedding Trend: Magical Music at Your Wedding Ceremony

Live musicians add a magical touch to the heart of your wedding day, and in a palatial ballroom like Weylin B. Seymour’s, that effect is made even more special. Situated off to the side of your altar, arch or chuppah, your musicians will give the ceremony the appearance of a priceless painting. Their physical presence will balance out the room while their musical presence fills the domes and arches with just the right songs for your day.

In a smaller space that forces the musicians into a corner, this wouldn’t work. But a stunning painting is all about balance, and the Weylin B. Seymour’s ballroom provides plenty of space to achieve that balance.

And there’s the acoustics – in a grand space with a tall ceiling, live music created by stringed instruments sounds phenomenal and sets a dreamlike tone for you and your guests. When you hire your ceremony musicians, be sure to show them images of your wedding space, and illustrate what you’d like the ‘music corner’ to look like. Frame it like a priceless painting and yes, you can request that your musicians dress in gowns and jewelry that achieves your vision. Consider this melodic corner of your wedding ceremony to be a blank canvas where you can paint the details large and small to create a work of art…one that creates beautiful music on your big day.


Photos courtesy of our photographer, Mercedes Noriega