Wedding Spotlight: Mirrored Chargers

It bears repeating that a gorgeous wedding venue such as Weylin B. Seymour’s invites wonderful plays of light. With such a wide variety of architectural details, you’ll want to make sure you shine some light around the room on your wedding day.

This is why I’ve been so impressed with our spotlight weddings that use mirrors in their wedding décor. I’ve written about mirrored bars and mirrored signs announcing the wedding’s signature drinks, and now I want to highlight these mirrored chargers on the guest table at a recent Weylin B. Seymour’s wedding. They’re gorgeous and elegant on their own, but they also reflect the details above and around them – using the lighting and candlelight in the ballroom to illuminate each tablescape.

When mirrored chargers are used in your wedding design, every metallic element on your guests’ tables positively leaps into view, sparkling, a gem on the tabletop, a garden of shine in each tablescape. So when given choices of chargers for your table design, remember that mirrored chargers elevate your wedding space brilliantly, reflecting your great taste as well as the design of your wedding scene as a whole.

Photos by in-house photographer Mercedes Noriega