Wedding Trend: Personalized Menu Cards

Menu cards aren’t a new thing in weddings. We’ve seen pretty menu cards on guest tables for years. What is new are personalized menu cards displayed at each guest’s place setting. Their names are written in lovely calligraphy, on a customized card created by a print suite designer, and when set on each plate, they also tie into the fabulous centerpiece florals and colors.

When guests find their place at the table, they’re greeted by a stunningly VIP detail, their personalized menu card, in a style that gives this wedding Must an entirely new and lavish twist that impresses from first sight. Guests love it when they can see how much it means to you that they are present at your wedding, so much so that you have commissioned this piece of artwork to welcome them to their table. It’s a trend that’s growing in popularity now, and is dancing close to the Must list.

Here’s another style of personalized menu card, creating a terrific first impression in the glow of the room’s lighting:

(Just be sure that you’ve spelled each guest’s name correctly, of course, or this beautiful detail will work in the opposite direction: offending your guest at the start! That’s Stephen with a ‘ph’ above!)
Photos courtesy of our house photographer, Mercedes Noriega