The Irish Man

There are times when we know it’s kind of easier to observe certain things and depict them from the outside, than when you’re way inside. This is often mentioned in classic generic conversation just about anything, right? They say when you’re in the middle of the soup you don’t even notice the temperature!

If you think of a city like New York, there are countless amounts of work done about it by thousands of artists from all around the world throughout history. There is so much content to be talked about, written, painted, photographed, sung and filmed just to name a few. The objectivity from the narration is many times kind of sharp and very interesting from people who are actually not from the place itself, but there are always some local magicians who will know all the secrets, the hidden passages and tricks that no one else will ever know. It is to those ones who you should pay attention to. A few of such local contemporary wizards from New York are Lou Reed in music, Bob Gruen as a photographer, painter Edward Hopper, Paul Auster in literature, Tony Bourdain, and we must say Martin Scorsese is the New York City depicter; mainly by directing his unforgettable and raw Raging Bull and Taxi Driver. 

This time, Marty is back with his good fellows Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci and Harvey Keitel to tell us the story of the mythical Jimmy Hoffa, a vanished man who remained a mystery to this day. 

Once again we anxiously await a Scorsese movie, this time gladly hosting one of the critical scenes right here at Weylin. Marty, it was a pleasure to meet you and thank you for choosing us! 

No more words for now about this original Netflix production….you may watch the teaser here!