Interview: Taylor Federici of Abigail Kirsch catering

What’s your favorite part of attending an event?

Well, let me rephrase that. What’s your favorite part of attending an event besides the open bar? It’s the food, right? Here at Weylin B Seymour’s, we know that the cuisine is a very important component to a successful event, so that’s why we work with such elite caterers as Abigail Kirsch. For decades, Abigail Kirsch has been providing innovative and sophisticated fare for weddings, corporate events, and galas attended by heads of state and captains of industry. Dishes by Abigail Kirsch have been gushed over by New York Magazine and  The Today Show. Even celebrity chef Mario Batali has called Abigail Kirsch his favorite caterer, and he’s a guy that knows a thing or two about a good meal.

We caught up with the company’s sales manager, Taylor Federici, to find out what makes Abigail Kirsch such a leader in the industry. After all, when it comes to feeding a crowd, Abigail Kirsch has a way of leaving no guest unimpressed.

Hi Taylor. Tell us about yourself.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, but currently live in Manhattan – the most incredible city in the world! I am a natural born planner, go-getter and chef in my own kitchen, so working in the events and catering industry was inevitable. Outside of work, I love the beach, trying new activities around my city, and spending quality time with my fiancé, family, and friends.

Can you give us a brief summary of your history with Abigail Kirsch?

I learned about the company when I was a guest at two fabulous events in one weekend produced by Abigail Kirsch! The Monday of that following week, I was determined to make Abigail Kirsch my next career move. Just a couple of weeks later, I joined the Off-Premises team as a consultant, taking a six month stint which turned into a full time position, and the rest is history! Four years later, I wake up every day excited and ready to take on my next event. Whether it’s a 2,000 person corporate reception, a wedding for 300 at Weylin, or an intimate at home dinner for 20 guests, there is always something new and fascinating to learn. I am so fortunate to work with the most caring and incredible associates for such a remarkable company!

We’re excited that you’ve decided to share your big day with us next year! What made you pick Weylin for your wedding?

I mean, what isn’t to love! It’s like the feeling you get when you find your soul mate, or THE wedding dress. The first time I was in Weylin, I looked up and fell in love. Each and every time I am in the space, there is something new and exciting to explore and find. Every inch of Weylin is detailed to such perfection, and just keeps getting better and better with time.

What’s your favorite “enhancement” or unique addition you’ve seen at a wedding?

I personally love our unique dessert carts. There is something about a decked out milk and cookie cart rolling towards me on the dance floor that just gets me. Seeing the reactions of guests trying to take all of it never gets old.

How do you stay on “trend” in an industry that’s constantly changing and innovating?

Keeping up with social media and the many food blogs is one way to stay on trend. But I would say, the best resources in this department are my colleagues. Our office is constantly buzzing with creative menu trends, the latest restaurant openings, and presentation and design ideas. Sometimes, if we are lucky, we bring these items to the office to try and experience together for 15 minutes of fun!

If you had one tip to give a bride searching for a venue, what would that be?

Go with your first instinct and don’t hold back. This is the one day that you have to make all of your wedding dreams come true, so take them by the reins and just go for it!

Cover image courtesy of the talented whom studio.