Notre-Dame, Votre-Dame

Letting go is a big challenge for the people. It seems we need to own and control all the time. Based on ancestral Japanese philosophy, when a container with water breaks there is nothing you can do about the situation. It’s difficult, but it’s the way it works; you cannot bring the water back and shape it again. So, let go.

This philosophy could be applied to so many situations. In this case? What to do with Notre-Dame? Usually throughout history, architecture has expressed political and religious statements. Does it make sense to restore a Gothic cathedral when there is a very different social and political time on 2019 than there was 800 years ago? The fact that time has passed doesn’t necessarily mean the message isn’t still valid, at all; but it would be really interesting to consider the power of a message depending on its source. Do we still need a Gothic message to talk about the heavens or do we need an updated one talking about taking care of the planet, reinforcing social respect and values in order to help change an expired paradigm?

Vincent Callebaut for instance is proposing a Green-Gothic style. Not bad!

An iconic building like Notre-Dame is still a voice to the world and the message may change depending on what France wants to tell.