Interview: Bill Magod of Bestek

Here at Weylin B. Seymour’s, we pride ourselves on working with the best of the best when it comes to producing a one of a kind event. We thought we’d provide you with a peek behind the curtain when it comes to the talented individuals who help orchestrate the parties, weddings, and corporate events held on the premises. One of the top notch professionals we have the pleasure of working with is Bill Magod of Bestek, the company that provides our in-house audio visual services. In other words, Bill is the guy responsible for making sure that the lighting at your wedding is soft and romantic and the sound coming from the DJ at your product launch is crisp and clear. He also happens to be a leader in the industry, so we thought it would be a good idea and chat with him about what goes into producing a smooth and seamless event. Thankfully, he was able to take time out of his busy schedule and shed a little insight on what goes on behind the scenes.

Hi, Bill. Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

I am currently Vice President of Sales here at Bestek, and my relationship with the company began in 2003. I started my career 32 years ago and have had the pleasure of running sound for many wonderful festivals, tours, a main stage at the 1996 Olympics, and many corporate events for government officials, CEOs, and religious leaders.

What makes audio and lighting so important for an event?

A successful event is one where the audience leaves with a complete understanding of the desired message. Whether it’s a new product roll out, a press conference, training session, wedding, concert, or celebration, if the audience cannot hear and see clearly, then the message might be misunderstood. Also, poor audio and lighting can make the best script and speeches so uncomfortable to the audience that the message, the goal of the event, is lost.

Can you tell us about the process of planning the AV needs for an event? 

The process is a journey that involves many decisions and usually many people. My process is to include the right people at the right time as well as to “leave no stone unturned” as there is no second chance!  I look at events as a puzzle and there are many pieces to this puzzle—the venue, the schedule, the budget, the audience, the performers, etc. However, the most important pieces are the goals for the event, the reason for having the event, and who is invited. About half of the decisions do not affect the budget, so these are often overlooked by many planners. At Bestek, we often surprise clients by continuing to ask questions after the proposal has been signed because it is these details that not only complete the puzzle, but also make for successful events and repeat clients.

What do you think are the nicest add on’s in audio and lighting that make an event particularly memorable?

That’s a tough one since every event is different. During the entire journey, up until the second the guests arrive, we imagine the audience’s (and presenters’ and performers’) experience from the moment they approach the venue until they leave. The nicest add ons are those that enhance the message without upstaging, or overshadowing it. An example of nice additions are walk in/out music and a pre-show and post-show lighting “look,” a gobo in the lobby or building exterior, and even subwoofers, as these are often overlooked. Digital signage can add to an event–even the idea of having monitors in the cocktail area of a gala event can take the guest’s experience to the next level! One add on that clients try to skimp on is the crew size. Performances can be delayed if the crew is not the right size to maintain the schedule!

How do you stay on “trend” and remain competitive? 

We read industry magazines, websites, and email blasts on a daily basis. Attending trade shows and staying in touch with manufacturers and their local reps is key, even if it means doing our paperwork outside of business hours. Plus speaking to clients, venues, and technicians as to who is doing what can be a great way to keep up. Here at Bestek, our clients are very creative so we often find ourselves being the leaders and on the cutting edge of technology!

Here are some examples of the lighting options our clients love most here at Weylin:

wedding lighting at weylin b seymours

Column Uplighting

wedding lighting at weylin b seymours

Mirror Ball Effect

wedding lighting at weylin b seymours

Gobo Projection

wedding lighting at weylin b seymours

Architectural Lighting

wedding lighting at weylin b seymours

Standard Package Lighting