I Want to Ride my Bicycle

Some tools are eternal and transcend any type of trend. In order to be one of them it has to be at the simplest design level; and simple is not a synonym of easy: The bicycle.

You can visit The Museum of the City of New York and see the exhibition that covers two hundred years of the history of this amazing two wheeled machine in New York City.

This object has been pushed aside by many mayors in different cities. It not only survived but it served exactly as a political statement throughout history. What the bicycle does is talk about freedom. You ride your bicycle and you feel free; plus you exercise and don’t contaminate the environment of course.

David Byrne has been a very strong “biking activist” in the past few years and has helped and inspire many cities to drive less and bike more, as mentioned on the Bicycle Diaries post.

Go, ride, be free and enjoy the exhibition!

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And click here to get a great book for a lot of fun around the world in two wheels!


Ph: NY City Parks Archive