Here Comes The Riddler

He’s a sharp looking young gentleman; he’s witty and has a lot of questions to ask you, and no patience for long answers. You think he’s so sure of himself but then you start noticing how fragile he is hence dangerous. He claims he knows very very well who he is, but doesn’t really know how to be himself. He starts raising his voice while you make surprise gestures every time he changes the subject and the questionnaire really fastly. He gets nervous, loud, sweaty and scary; and yes, you feel threatened. You can’t answer any one of his questions, which are actually very much like riddles. You are sitting in this chair, but not very comfortably because you are tied to the chair. The place? It’s a lab, full of chemicals and other flammable products and liquids. He keeps on losing it and starts yelling more and more. You don’t have a clue of what he’s talking about and you are a professor, which gets him on his nerve even more. He just decides to light some match and leave you there…the lab is all set in this beautiful 19th century dome in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The dome explodes while the now more quiet young gentleman walks away…

He is The Riddler, you are a kidnapped professor, and the lab…guess where it is!

You can watch this intense scene in “Heroes Rise: How The Riddler Got His Name”, the 15th episode of the 3rd season of GOTHAM.