Frank Gehry’s Trash

We’ve mentioned Frank Gehry and his magic before on “Let it Loose”: his swing and fearlessness transforming rationalist architecture into a curvy doodle and making it work as a real building. When an artist or designer achieves so much in such a defiant medium as architecture can be, you don’t think there’s too much more space to explore.

On Gehry’s current project, the Abu Dhabi Guggenheim, we can see that next level which we could refer to as an actual morphologically sustainable type of architecture, or simply just a pile of trash. It feels as if his trademark freestyling or abstract expressionism got to a certain figurative design as it could happen in an abstract painting where some people could start seeing things. If you look at the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi’s design, it looks as if Gehry had almost gotten so tired of sketching and not getting anywhere, that he just grabbed the garbage can from his studio, filled with paper and cardboard, and put it upside down on the floor like he was unmolding a pie on a plate. The result: a pile of architecture studio paper waste making the design of the U.A.E new museum.

This is what we call concept, recycling and sustainability. Daring and fantastic message.

Well done Frank!!!