Frank Gehry: Let it Loose!

Can you imagine designing a building out of doodling with a black ink pen on a napkin or a pocket notepad? Well, that is kind of what Master Architect Frank Gehry does, right? He happens to be one of those enviable designers who’s not afraid of trying new techniques and constantly challenging himself and his career. How can he fearlessly doodle and take that same concept to architecture?! To sky scraper architecture! It’s fabulous aesthetically, and technically but the truth is it’s based on concepts. Nothing is something, and something is nothing without a conceptual root in the design careers. It’s fascinating how he takes music and movement to his buildings, working with two very far extremes as the free movement and architecture; and putting them closer than you could ever imagine.

Please take a look at his Master Class and you will discover how many doors are there around you if you are willing to see them! You can certainly teach new tricks to an old dog.

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Enjoy and learn!