Sustainability: Is it the end of “Classical Architecture”?

Way back in the day, cavemen chose their homes in order to inhabit their natural surroundings, which was actually really meant “to survive”. By selecting a good protecting cave they were able to get by; hunting, fishing, getting water or building a fire for the cooking. It was rough, but above all there was harmony with the environment. 

When man started building, man kept this concept except the tribes could have a wider range of options on where to settle; but the materials they used for building their new homes were currently in the same harmony as a cave could be: wood, stone, adobe, ice; depending on where in the planet they were trying to live.

Several centuries later, architecture became a decorative art, a political statement, a social expression or even just a personal communication piece; leaving the environmental needs far behind in the past and evolving into what we now call Classical Architecture. What happened with those needs? Power and gas plants happened, oil, electrical wiring, communications, industrial revolutions and so on, along the unstoppable search to evolve that drives any kind; not only human. Any species would not stop if it could. There isn’t the kind who just adapts and stops if there is another line to cross. 

sustainable architecture

Sustainable Architecture by Eray / Carbajo

After Classical came many other styles such as Art Nouveaux, Art Deco, Rationalism, Neoclassical and so on. What happened to the basic surviving needs and instincts adapted to architecture? Did they just fade away because they were something from the past and the cavemen and are they completely gone in the so called pre-history? We kind of need them back in order to change the paradigm of Classical a bit, combining the care for the planet, the industrial and technological revolutions knowledge, and experience; just so we can evolve as a kind again. Modern cavemen? Maybe…it’s time to go sustainable, take care of the species and the planet; and focus on health all around. It will definitely bring some fresh air, literally. 

Have a happy and healthy 2019!! 

The Weylin Team.