A Weylin B. Seymour’s Wedding Spotlight

One of the things I love most about this wedding is the perfect balance of candelabra height reaching upward toward the domed ceiling. Low-set centerpieces wouldn’t direct the eye to the heights of this dazzling ballroom, and those 6’-high centerpieces you’ve likely seen at other weddings would be just a tad too much, not in keeping with the elegance of the setting. The designer of this wedding got it just right.

And since a dazzling wedding always makes the most of the lighting in the room, I adore how the crystal candelabras perfectly reflect the candlelight and lighting effects of the room, while the gold gilt on the dome also makes magic of the setting’s light in a warmer way up above. That’s some brilliance with the different plays on how the room’s and the tablescape’s details are paired beautifully to add radiance to a wedding setting as a whole.

Take a closer look. You’ll see that the wine glasses and water glasses on the tables also join in, adding even more effect to the breathtaking design. And as they do, they light up every detail around them, from the soft delicacy of the flowers to the shine of the silverware. In a wedding ballroom as ornate as this, with so much historic character shining all around, it’s the simple elegance of fine crystal and glass that elevates those surrounding details to stunning effect.

Photos courtesy of our photographer, Mercedes Noriega
Wedding designed by Fête